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Hi there! I am Kriste Sedleviciute, the face behind Yogi the Cat.


I have always enjoyed being physically active but committing to one form of exercise was a struggle until I discovered yoga. I started with no clear intention or a goal but it didn't take long until I noticed my body growing stronger, becoming more flexible, and my stamina increasing. Not only that, I realised yoga had an incredible impact on my mental health, it helped with relaxation and stress relief which was crucial at the time for me in a fast-paced and demanding corporate environment. Looking to evolve my yoga practice I added meditation and pranayama to the routine. And that was it. I knew I wanted to immerse in yoga and that led to exchanging my job in retail buying to yoga studies in India where I qualified as a yoga teacher.


Since returning to London, I have been dedicated to helping others 

discover their body and mind potential through compassionate, mindful and safe yoga practice. I truly believe you don’t need to be strong or flexible to practise yoga. All you need is an open heart and the rest will follow. 

When I’m not teaching yoga, you will find me camping in the mountains, creating indulgent vegan recipes, or advocating for the environment and sustainability. I love nature and wildlife. I love sharing experience and positive emotions. 

And I hope to see you on the mat soon! 



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