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I teach the following styles of yoga:

Hatha - a traditional style of yoga great for anyone looking to strengthen their body and mind, improve mobility, and reduce stress.

Vinyasa – it’s more dynamic than Hatha as here yoga poses are connected with fun transitions that together build a continuous flow. You will love vinyasa if you enjoy more vigorous movement.

Yin – it is a slow and meditative practice that targets deep connective tissues (such as fascia, ligaments, joints) and bones, and is great for those looking to increase flexibility and relax.



Functionality comes first. From our experience to our anatomy - we are all different and we are all unique, therefore no two yoga practices can look the same. I carry the message that yoga is not about using your body to form a beautifully looking shape, it’s about adapting the pose to guide the body towards stronger, more flexible, and balanced YOU.

Compassion. My priority is to create a safe and welcoming space for you where you could not only develop a physical practice but also explore your emotions and learn to recognise your feelings. I will always be there for you and support you on your journey.

Fun - refreshing sequences and a joke here and there - who doesn't enjoy a lighthearted  and fun practice?


Yoga is for everyone. If you feel like you can benefit from finding comfort and confidence in your body and mind, then it's for you. 

I offer a variety of yoga classes and would love to help you find the best fit for your experience and expectations. Just get in touch!



Wellness is important for productivity in the workplace. Yoga helps with common seated-job related problems such as back pain and tension in the neck and shoulders, leading to improved health and reduced absenteeism for sickness.​ Morning, lunch-time or after office hours yoga class – whenever it works best for your team. Reach out to discuss this opportunity.


It's a 1-1 class designed specifically for you. Whether you are pursuing a fitness goal, looking for more harmony between the body and mind, want to work on an injury or simply need more guidance in your practice.​ Private classes are held at your preferred time and location (in-person at your home, a studio or via a video call). This is a great option to suit a busy schedule. Get in touch to find out more.


It's a great opportunity to gain the benefits of yoga while surrounded by like-minded people.
My group classes are held in studios, gyms or community halls and open to all levels from beginners to more experienced practitioners. Check the schedule for my current public classes.
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